TCHEKA since 1998 - Marseille, France 

Initiated by the designer Nicolas Douyer, TCHEKA is one of the French brand who has developed his own world and develop customers' loyalty from the beginning. 

Immersed in the arts, rock and roll and committed Nicolas Douyer the creator, Alain Pozzo Di Borgo the organizer, knew immediately find their trademark: an original, urban and radical style and wear by all women. 

Since 1998, the brand participates in major European music festivals. Gradually installed in the landscape of the french mode by exposing trade shows such as «  who's Next » in Paris, the «  Pure » in London, the «  Bread & Butter «  in Barcelona. Today TCHEKA is distributed in France but also abroad (Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy ...). 

In these times of globalization, TCHEKA offers an alternative, another way to communicate, dress standing out products "mass market" and clearly focuses on the quality of materials, finishes and on service after sale. 

Installed in the creeks of Marseille, in a former vintage gas station, brand loyalty every day more and more aficionados. 

TCHEKA is the generosity of the south, it's the madness of absinthe, is the comfort of contents, it is the water of pastis. To consume without moderation!